Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ode to the Childless Leader

I always get odd looks whenever someone in Girl Scouting asks me 'How old is your daughter?' and I tell them, I don't have any children of my own.

Girl Scouting is what I've always been, and what I am, and will always be! Children or no children, I will always be a part of Girl Scouting!

Ode to the Childless Leader:

Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic

I've always been a Girl Scout
From the time that I was young.
I remember very fondly
All the camping, crafts, & fun.
I thought the work was over
When my Gold Award was done,
But I'd only just begun!

Glory, glory I'm a leader!
A crazy, project planning leader.
I don't even have a daughter,
But now I have ten girls!

I went away to college
And I thought it awfully smart
Just taking on a small troop,
Meeting once a week to start.
Soon my major classwork
Took the form of Girl Scout crafts!
At least my teachers laughed!


The parents think I'm wonderful
Because I spend my days
Helping their girls learn & grow
In Girl Scout laws & ways.
They take for granted that I've time
Since I've no child at home,
But I wouldn't have time for my own!

Glory, Glory I'm a leader!
A proud, exhausted, childless leader!
I don't even have a daughter,
But I've raised some darn fine girls!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Embers: Camp Chain

Lesson: Self discovery.
Need: Strips of paper (colored is best), markers
Prep: None.
Directions: At the end of each day, have each camper take a strip of paper and write their name and something that they gained at camp that day (patience, a friend, knowledge, etc.). Use the strips to create a chain in the cabin (or local unit area). The campers also get to leave a bit of themselves behind after each week (and can see what other campers gained that came before them).


Want a printable version of all embers ideas I've featured on my blog? Click here to see and print!

Monday, January 11, 2016

24 Fun Duct Tape Crafts For Camp

Ever looking for some fun and cheap crafts to make for or at camp? (And they are functional!)
Well grab your cutest roll of duct tape and get your creativeness flowing with these 24 ideas.

Accessories to wear:

1. Hair bows. With the different patterns, everyone can be different and match at the same time.
These are super easy to make with strips of duct tape that is taped to itself. Use a small portion to tape it together in the middle and you have a bow.

2. Bracelets. The girls can really get creative here and make them in different ways. Braided ones are fun to make with different colors (and the girls can share). You can also make a plain strip with duct tape doubled over on itself and decorate with other small duct tape creations or small trinkets.

3. Beads. These are made in the same way as paper beads. Cut a long strip in a long triangle, fold over the first cm so it doesn't stick when threaded, and then roll up.

4. Masks. Need a quick accessory for a dress up day? A themed mask is easy and quick to put together.

5. Headbands. I LOVE fun hair accessories at camp. There are never any that are too crazy! Another easy craft by folding over a long strip of duct tape.

6. Lanyards. Making one out of your favorite duct tape can set you apart from the crowd when you need something fun to hang your name tag on. Another craft with a very long strip of duct tape folded over on itself. I added a keyring and taped around above it so it doesn't move.


You can make some (7.) flowers, (8.) bows, or other small accessories to put on keychains to hang from your bag or lanyard.

10. Key fobs. These are just a much smaller version of the lanyard but will hold things on your wrist.

11. Chapstick holder. This is a huge 'must have' for me. I can't be without my chapstick. This one is made by taking another strip of duct tape folded over on itself, and taping the sides together. Use a tube of chapstick to help you know where you need to tape and fold. The extra tape at the top tucks into the pouch to keep the chapstick from falling out. Tape on a keychain to add it onto your lanyard or bag.

Other useful stuff:

12. Travel craft kits. Now this one is a big undertaking and I'd suggest doing it before camp. Once made, it would be a great addition to things you just have to take. The idea behind this one is that you have an organizer to keep all of your favorite craft items together and organized using duct tape.

13. Waterproof bags. These are great to keep something wet, such as your swimsuit, from getting on your other items or for keeping things, like your camera or favorite teddy bear, from getting wet. For this one, you take a long and wide sheet* of duct tape and fold it over, then tape the sides. You can then make whatever kind of handle you want, long or short or no handle at all.

14. Sit-upons. Ahhh, a definite Girl Scout craft here. Making this one completely out of duct tape requires two duct tape sheets* of the same size. Tape 3 sides and then stuff with whatever you choose that may be comfy. Dry grass, newspaper, plastic grocery bags, or stuffing are popular options. Tape up the fourth side and you are done.

15. Hammock. Are you looking for something a bit more extreme? Or maybe a nice place to sleep? A hammock is what you must be looking for.  This is a bigger project, needing more tape than the usual, and some dowel rods. The tape is woven between other tape strips creating a flat yet durable sheet.

16. Travel Games. These are great for the trip to camp, or down time in your bunk. You can make tic-tac-toe, checkers, or small versions of your favorite games.

17. Swaps. Duct tape is the way to go if you need something at the last minute. You can easily create mini sit-upons, a mini bag/purse, walking sticks with a handle, or mini duct tape rolls. Just add a safety pin and a paper with the swaps information and you are good to go.

18. Decorations. Is your bunk kind of blah? Dress it up with some large duct tape flowers, streamers, feathers, or some crazy creations.

19. Mark your stuff. I marked my trunk with kitty cat tape, and then later added my name in green duct tape by cutting it out with my cricut.

20. Camp Buckets. We've all seen those neat camp buckets that double as storage and as a chair. Most of them have ugly words or pictures on the side, but this can easily be fixed with your favorite duct tape. Do it all in one design, alternate stripes, or just go crazy. Make it yours and make it unique.

21. Sunglasses holder. This is a great way to protect your sunglasses from scratches. Making this one is like the chapstick holder, only bigger. Use a small, but long, sheet of duct tape, fold over and tape the sides. You can even use sticky Velcro to keep the top closed.

22. Camp Memory Book. This can be achieved in two ways. The first would be to take a journal or composition book and cover it in your favorite duct tape. The second would be to cover two pieces of cardboard of the same size. Add paper between them, and bind them the way you would a handmade book. (With ribbon or string).

23. Name Tags. Need to know who people are? Slap a small piece of duct tape on them and write their name with a sharpie!  If you want a nicer one that you can keep, wrapping duct tape around a piece of cardboard or chipboard, adding holes, and then decorating it with fun stickers. I'd recommend to not use any tape that is very 'busy' because then it would be hard to see the name.

24. Teddy Bear/Doll Accessories. This one is my favorite of all. If you haven't met my teddy bear, Zeph, he travels the world and I love making/getting things for him.  I first thought about making a vest for him, but I think a tie was just perfect!

* Duct Tape Sheet: Lay down a piece of tape, sticky side up. Cut another piece the same length and put it, sticky side down, halfway down the first piece. Turn it over and continue. When it is the size you want it, fold the two sticky sides up.

Are you looking for a printable for your binder? Click here to get it!

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Collection: Roller Coaster Patches

I LOVE roller coasters and theme parks, and since I've worked for 3 theme parks I decided that I wanted to collect awesome patches of roller coasters! At first I just wanted patches that have roller coasters on them but then eventually spread out to patches with theme parks, water parks, and even fairs.

Want to see my full collection? CLICK HERE to go to Flickr to see it. (Don't forget to follow me while you are there!)

I currently have 43 different patches and a few on the way.
Some of my favorites include:

Do you have a favorite type of patch that you collect?


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tagul: A Word Art Tutorial is a super neat website to help you make your own creative word art.  You can use whatever words you want and whatever shape you want.  This tutorial is for helping create a Girl Scout themed one, but this will still help you if you are trying to do something similar.


Once we have logged in, select "Create New Cloud", this is the screen we start with:

First, we name our Cloud! This helps us distinguish which cloud we are selecting once we save them.


Then, we can start selecting what words we want to show in our cloud. Click on 'Word' and change it to what we want (red circle). If we want more than just three words, click on "+Add" (orange circle). We can add as many words/phrases that we would like. Remember, the more we add, the less they will be repeated.

Once we have added all the words we like, we then select "Shapes". (Don't worry, we will come back later to change the words to our liking.)

Here we get to pick the shape we want to use.  Since we want to use a Girl Scout trefoil, we will need to upload our own because there isn't one to select. Right click on the trefoil on the right and 'save image' to use in this step.

Once we have it uploaded, you will be prompted to change some settings. They should look about like this, and there is no need to change them:
(Pro tip: If you happen to use an image that has a white background instead of a clear one, pull the threshold to the left until the background disappears but the shape is still showing.)

Click 'Ok' and our image will now be shown and selected.

Now go ahead and click on 'Visualize' and we will get a rough draft of what we are working on.

Next up we get to select what font we want to use. We can also upload our own if we would like.
(Pro tip: Hold down 'Ctrl' while clicking on fonts to select more than one.)
Click on 'Visualize' anytime you want to see how the changes look.

Next up is the 'Layout'. Here we pick what angle the words will be. I've selected 'Dancing Words' and have updated it with 'visualize'.

I also change the Words size to 'Use size column from words table' (second arrow). This will come in handy later when we want to put a certain word in the middle or to emphasize certain words around it.

Colors and Animations is where we go to change the colors of the words. The color is automatically set to the color of the shape we uploaded (which is why it's been green), but unselecting the box 'Use Shape Colors' will unlock it to allow the colors in the box to the right to be used.
We can remove the colors that are already there and click the color box to pick what colors we want.
If you need to save the image with a clear background (to put on top of another background) select 'Transparent'. (You can go back and do this later because it is hard to see if you still want to make changes.)

I've selected green, blue, and black. (This is the actual green that GS uses. #009e49)

Now we need to go back up to 'Words' to change how each specific the word will look.

First we want the word 'Girl Scouts' to be large, in the middle, and straight across.
I've changed the size to 20, the color to green, and the angle to 0.
Don't want that word to repeat? Then uncheck the 'repeat' box on the right.


I personally love how this specific one came out, so I am going to now save it and share it. Click on 'Save changes' on the bottom right to save your work on their server so you can access it at anytime.
Click on 'Grab and Share' (red circle). If you just click on 'Print' (orange circle), it will be very difficult and usually ends up printing over two separate pages!

To save it to your computer:
Where is says 'Export raster image', click on '1 MP' (purple circle) and it will save it to your computer.  It will be a .png file but that's ok, it's better than a .jpg!  (Other sizes and types are for premium only so if you want them, you need to pay!)

Open your saved file in another program (such as Word) to be able to print on a single page.

I hope you came out with some awesome word art that you can enjoy!


Monday, May 18, 2015

Freebie: Bully Free

The NEA's Bully Free It Starts With Me program has some neat freebies. These are a great few things to have when you are talking about bullying with your girls.

  • Two letters to you about the program
  • A poster to put up that you can sign (I signed it too, see?).
  • A button.
  • A decal.
Want the link? Here it is!

It only took a couple weeks for mine to arrive. Enjoy them!