Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sandy Hook Trefoil

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, Girl Scouts all across the nation and world were contacting their councils looking for ways they could help the school, Girl Scouts, and families.  The local council asked that those who wanted to help, "Send thoughts and prayers written in the shape of a Girl Scout trefoil, or art that incorporates the trefoil, and we will present them to the Newtown Service Unit during a memorial service in mid-January. "
Along with sending some that I wrote special notes on, I wanted to create one for me to keep as a memory.  Here I embossed the Girl Scout faces logo, '2012', 'SHE', and a small daisy. I'm very proud of these!
I happen to have 3 extras of these and will send them to anyone who emails me.
Anyone can claim until they are gone!


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