Sunday, March 17, 2013

Friendship Bracelets - For Sangam!

A couple months ago I found Sangam's Friendship Bracelet Project on the WAGGGS website and just had to make some to send along in hopes other sister guides and scouts purchase them. They are selling
these to local kids and visitors to help fund their projects. If you visit Sangam in the next year, be
sure to pick up a few! Here are the 10 I made and sent, in all sorts of colors:
They also have the option to put tags on the bracelets with your email in case someone wants
to get in touch with those who made the bracelets. (I have yet to hear from anyone.)
Surprisingly, they sent back a postcard saying their thanks. It was awesome to get a postcard from India!

If you send some friendship bracelets, be sure and post a link here to show off what you made!

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