Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quick Cards

Girl Scout camp is almost among us!  I've been spending the last week getting things, ideas, and programs ready for this coming summer.  This summer I'm going to be a Unit Leader, and I need a way to take my program binder with me, in a much smaller form.  I heard about Quick Cards on a chat board and thought I'd make me some.  They came out better than I had expected and I'm excited to use them this summer!

Quick Cards are basically index cards on a ring that you can store in your day pack or back pack for quick ideas and reminders when you are out and about with your group.

Materials needed: Chipboard or cardboard, scrapbook paper to decorate with, stickers or other embellishments, a binder ring, and index cards.

  • To start, cut two pieces of the chipboard (or cardboard) to the size of the index cards.  (Don't use thick cardboard or thin cardstock.)
  • Glue or mod podge scrapbooking paper to one side of each piece of chipboard. (I also mod podged white paper to the inside, but this is optional.)
  • After it is dry, punch a hole in the top left corner of one piece (this will be your front) and the top right corner of the other piece (this will be your back). Your boards may be too thick for a hole puncher, I used a crop-a-dile, but you can use the end of pointy scissors or a nail or screw).
  • Now it's time to decorate the cards with the embellishments you choose! I used scrapbooking letters to write "Quick Cards" and decorated with some Girl Scout stickers.
  • Optional: Here I sprayed with an acrylic sealer, but is not required. It will make your cards not be sticky from the mod podge.
  • Punch holes into the index cards and put on the ring as shown:
  • Fill in the index cards!

I outlined the edge of the cards with colors that correspond with certain categories to help me find what I need.
Here are the categories I currently use:
Songs (orange), Skits (blue), Games (pink), Time Fillers (purple), Crafts (red), Food (green).
I also wrote this list on the first card in case I forget!

This project is great for new and experienced counselors, CIT's, and anyone who likes to keep program ideas with them!

Have you made some yet? Comment with your links so we can see!


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