Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Embers: The Warm Fuzzy Story

I remember my counselors telling me The Warm Fuzzy Story at camp when I was little. I didn't remember anything about it until I was going through trying to find different activities for camp and embers.  My favorite part was getting to make something to keep and take home.  I've since found the story and adapted it to a Girl Scout theme in hopes to not only educate, but to entertain.

Here you can find my version of The Warm Fuzzy Story.

Lesson: Sharing, Bullying
Need: Yarn, The Warm Fuzzy Story, scissors.
Prep: Cut yarn into 2-yard pieces enough for one for each camper. (I also created warm fuzzies from a different yarn to give to each girl after they have made one for themselves. This is optional.)
Directions: Read The Warm Fuzzy Story to the campers. When finished pass out the yarn and teach them to make their own warm fuzzies. As they are making them, discuss how this is just a representation of what warm fuzzies are and talk about how they can give warm fuzzies to others (such as hugs, encouragement, helping out). Optional, give out warm fuzzies that you have made.

Here is a great video to teach you how to make the warm fuzzies.

My tips:
  • Instead of using the ends to tie around, you can use 5 inch pieces to tie.
  • She uses a lot of yarn in the video, when you have 15 campers that would be a LOT of yarn! Limit to 2-yard pieces per camper and the warm fuzzy will still be fluffy enough.


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