Monday, April 7, 2014

Binder Organizing

Over the years I have accumulated a wide variety of papers of training materials and activity ideas.  Finally I decided it was time to organize everything so I could find it easier and have it take up less room. Although I have pretty much everything stored on the computer in multiple folders, having everything in a binder makes it easier to use and get to when at camp or other events.

I started by figuring out how many binders I needed.  Four seemed to be a great number.

I used some Girl Scout themed scrapbook paper and cut the names of each binder into it with my Cricut. I backed each with a green piece of cardstock.  The four binders are 'Songs', 'Programs', 'Memory Books', and 'Troop' (not shown).

  • Songs - A binder full of songs that I have learned at the many camps I've been to.  All words are included and have been separated by type. 'Graces', 'Girl Scouts', 'Serious', 'Repeats', and 'Fun'.
  • Troop - Includes all paperwork for my troop including a divider for each girl with her information and permissions slips.
  • Memory Books - This includes memory books from the camps I've worked at.  Not all camps had memory books.
  • Programs - This is the larger binder that is also separated into different sections. These include 'GS Program', 'Leadership', 'Outdoors', 'Dramatics', 'Skits', 'Games', 'Crafts', and 'Embers'. 
Each section was also cut with my Cricut using a stencil type font. I then colored the inside of each word with a colored sharpie.

As I create and add things I will also (hopefully!) put them here on my blog to help you create your own binders full of Girl Scout awesomeness!

Happy binder organizing.


  1. These are awesome! Wish there was an in depth version :)

    1. Thanks! I'm already redoing it, so maybe the next one will.