Friday, April 11, 2014

Embers: Celebrating Needs

Lesson: Personal needs.
Need: Paper, colored pens/crayons/markers.
Prep: None.
Directions: Pass out one paper per camper.  Have the campers fill in the sentence I NEED ____. Write this sentence on one side of the paper. Have the campers decorate it if they like. Discuss what they chose.
On the other side of the paper, fill in I DO NOT NEED ____. Discuss what they chose.
At the end, each paper can be pinned up above each camper's bed (or in a central location) with the NEED side out to remind them of the discussion.

NEEDS: (These are just examples)
Food, Rest, Shelter, Creation, Creativity, Expression, Inspiration, Affection, Companionship, Friends, Intimacy, Kindness, To Matter, Touch, Play, Fun, Justice, Fairness, Accomplishment, Celebration, Adventure, Space, Trust, Safety, Clarity, Completion, Dignity, Learning, Privacy, Respect, Support, Choices, Solitude, Acceptance, Belonging.


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  1. Wonderful! I like this very much and will use for my next camping trip!