Friday, May 30, 2014

Barbie I Can Be Patch

I first saw the Barbie I Can Be Patch featured on a councils blog and I thought it was really neat.
At first it was hard to find anything about it, the requirements or the patch.

There IS a printed book that certain councils have recieved, but if yours hasn't,
you can find a digital version here.

The front has a patch that you can print and iron/glue/sew/staple onto the uniform, or you can go here to order a patch to be mailed to you. It's sent to you from a council in California. 

The end of the book has paper dolls that can be printed/cut out with 2 dolls and 4 sets of clothes. If you go here, you can find 13 more sets of printable clothes (although these need to be colored in).

This program is basically for Daisys and Brownies, but I asked my Juniors if they wanted to do it,
and they said yes (and were quite excited about it)! I also brought my personal Barbie I Can B
 doll to a meeting. As you can see it's a Computer Engineer doll (since I love Computer Science)
and this helped the girls see how a woman can be interested in a STEM career field.

This program was great timing because we were working on our aMUSE journey and were
currently talking about the different roles people can play in their lives.

Have fun with this one!

(Last updated 05/26/2020)

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