Friday, May 9, 2014

Embers: Judgments

Need: Slips of paper (3 per camper), pens/pencils, campfire (trashcan can be substituted).
Directions: GIve each camper 3 slips of paper. On each have them write down something they consider to be a judgement, tell them to write 2 negative and 1 positive (e.g., selfish, ugly, friendly). When they are done have them put them face down in a pile. Shuffle all slips together and turn them over for all to see.
Ask campers to pick 2 judgments they think describe them. Have them explain their reasons. It is likely that the nicest and worst judgments are left. Ask each camper to pick 1 more, 1 at a time. As they pick it up they can explain how they feel to be labeled as such.
Talk about how judgments affect people and how we don't always have a choice over how we are judged.
Burn judgments all at once in the campfire and let them go. Discuss symbolism of releasing the fear of judgment and moving on.

WARNING: (There is potential in this embers for a large can of worms to open. For instance, if the way the word "judgments" is presented is left open for the writing exercises, then it is not uncommon for what is written to have personal tweaks to it that can leave burns. If your group is ready for that and you feel you can facilitate their journey, bring them there. If not, consider control features such as limiting judgments to one-word generalizations such as those suggested in parentheses above.)


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