Saturday, May 24, 2014

Embers: Ribbon Awards

Lesson: Camp awards.
Need: 8-10 inch ribbons. enough for one for each girl. Fabric paint.
Prep: Prepare in advance writing a descriptive word for each camper on the ribbon. These are 'awards' at the end of the session for something great about themselves that week.
(One words are best but doesn't matter as long as it fits on the ribbon).
Examples: Crafty, Creative, Energized, Camp Spirit.
Can get creative with them: Best swimmer - Mermaid: Best at Archery - Bullseye/Katniss: Nature lover - Grasshopper; MVC (Most Valuable Camper); QBC (Quiet but Cool); Loves sports - Olympian; Social butterfly - Butterfly; Good at drama/skits - Star.
Directions: Give these out as 'awards' at the end of the session at campfire, the last night at camp, or before they leave to go home.


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