Wednesday, May 28, 2014


As you can see in my blog picture, that's me with my favorite special teddy bear, Zeph.
He has traveled the world, visiting many countries including Latvia, Australia, South America,
Oman, the UAE, and Sri Lanka. He's also visited many states such as Alaska, Maine, Oklahoma,
Virginia, DC, Oregon, and Washington. He no longer goes on adventures without me, and as such
he has been to four different Girl Scout camps! Here are a few pictures from those camps:

Camp Bette Perot

Camp Texlake

Camp Kachina

Camp La Jita

Even though Zeph is a boy, he has no problem being around so many
girls. Through the years we have also hosted many different friends
with us from other places, or made new ones at the places we visit.

Zeph also has his own blog where he posts all of his adventures if you want to follow it.

Did I mention that he also LOVES Girl Scout cookies?


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