Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I do love Build-a-Bear.  I didn't ever have a Build-a-Bear bear growing up, but before you think I was denied something so awesome, I'm not even sure they were around then! I only keep stuffed animals that are special to me and through the years I've only seen one Build-a-Bear that I would have loved to have had (it was candy corn) until the Girl Scout bears came out.

My bears!

I was never a fan of the 'scout' costumes they had out before these official ones, and the themed bears are just adorable! I did have to order mine online because the closest Build-a-bear location is over two hours away from where I live.

Caramel bear.

A couple of the bears I bought in a set, where you get the bear and the uniform, shirt, and shoes for one price. The latest bear wanted to some with the same shoes the first bear came with so instead of buying the set, I purchased it all separate and picked out a super cute pair of hiking boots. I thought they were super Girl Scouty!

Thin mint bear.

Although I found out later that I could have purchased a scented item to be put into the thin mint bear's paw that would have made him smell like thin minty goodness.

100th Anniversary bear. 

The only thing I'm missing, is the latest Girl Scout clothing set with the green hoodie and denim skirt. They have been out of stock for a couple months now, but I'm ever hopeful and constantly watching for it!
I also hope to find one of the Build-a-Bear patches to add to my patch blanket.

Did you get some of these too?

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  1. I have all four of the Girl scout bears and all but one of them is named after a Girl Scout camp that I have been to