Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Swaps

While pinterest has lots of halloween swaps, I was looking for something a bit different to pass out to Girl Scouts this Halloween.  With my love of zombies mixed with the Girl Scout love of marshmallows, I found an awesome blog that made zombies out of real marshmallows.  I took this idea and spun it to where it wasn't edible and would last a long time!

My marshmallow zombie swaps:

Materials needed:
Air dry clay, black and red acrylic paint, thin tipped paint brush.
Don't forget the all important pins, hot glue, and papers with your troop info.

Roll out small balls of clay all about the same size. Shape each into the shape of a marshmallow! Wait 24 hours to dry before painting on zombie faces. Let paint dry 30 min before hot gluing on pins. Attach papers onto pins.

Pass out to other zombie lovers!


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