Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Song Book

Awhile back I posted about my Girl Scout binders and how I have them organized.  I've been working on my song book a LOT lately and it's finally finished!

I have typed up all the songs I know and separated them into categories. These are different the the original five and so now they are: 'Graces', 'Fun', 'Repeats', 'Serious', 'Camp', and 'Event'.

Here's the breakdown of the categories:

Graces are just that, graces sung before meals.
Fun songs are really fun and crazy.
Repeats are separated from 'fun' so that it's easier to find a quick repeat song when I need it.
Serious songs are more of those songs sung at campfires or other serious events.
Camp songs are songs that are about specific camps such as the 'Camp Texlake Smile' song.
Event songs are for specific events such as meals, birthdays, and announcements.

Each section has it's songs listed alphabetically. With the list of songs first, followed by the lyrics:

Every song in my book are songs that I personally know, with lyrics and styles that I have learned at different camps. I do understand that it's not the same everywhere! As I learn more, more will be added.

Although my song book is specific to me, I'm including links to each section in case you are wondering how I have mine set up or if you want a quick print of a bunch of songs!

Graces, Fun, Repeats, Serious, Camp, Event

Have you made yourself a personalized song book?


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