Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tagul: A Word Art Tutorial

Tagul.com is a super neat website to help you make your own creative word art.  You can use whatever words you want and whatever shape you want.  This tutorial is for helping create a Girl Scout themed one, but this will still help you if you are trying to do something similar.


Once we have logged in, select "Create New Cloud", this is the screen we start with:

First, we name our Cloud! This helps us distinguish which cloud we are selecting once we save them.


Then, we can start selecting what words we want to show in our cloud. Click on 'Word' and change it to what we want (red circle). If we want more than just three words, click on "+Add" (orange circle). We can add as many words/phrases that we would like. Remember, the more we add, the less they will be repeated.

Once we have added all the words we like, we then select "Shapes". (Don't worry, we will come back later to change the words to our liking.)

Here we get to pick the shape we want to use.  Since we want to use a Girl Scout trefoil, we will need to upload our own because there isn't one to select. Right click on the trefoil on the right and 'save image' to use in this step.

Once we have it uploaded, you will be prompted to change some settings. They should look about like this, and there is no need to change them:
(Pro tip: If you happen to use an image that has a white background instead of a clear one, pull the threshold to the left until the background disappears but the shape is still showing.)

Click 'Ok' and our image will now be shown and selected.

Now go ahead and click on 'Visualize' and we will get a rough draft of what we are working on.

Next up we get to select what font we want to use. We can also upload our own if we would like.
(Pro tip: Hold down 'Ctrl' while clicking on fonts to select more than one.)
Click on 'Visualize' anytime you want to see how the changes look.

Next up is the 'Layout'. Here we pick what angle the words will be. I've selected 'Dancing Words' and have updated it with 'visualize'.

I also change the Words size to 'Use size column from words table' (second arrow). This will come in handy later when we want to put a certain word in the middle or to emphasize certain words around it.

Colors and Animations is where we go to change the colors of the words. The color is automatically set to the color of the shape we uploaded (which is why it's been green), but unselecting the box 'Use Shape Colors' will unlock it to allow the colors in the box to the right to be used.
We can remove the colors that are already there and click the color box to pick what colors we want.
If you need to save the image with a clear background (to put on top of another background) select 'Transparent'. (You can go back and do this later because it is hard to see if you still want to make changes.)

I've selected green, blue, and black. (This is the actual green that GS uses. #009e49)

Now we need to go back up to 'Words' to change how each specific the word will look.

First we want the word 'Girl Scouts' to be large, in the middle, and straight across.
I've changed the size to 20, the color to green, and the angle to 0.
Don't want that word to repeat? Then uncheck the 'repeat' box on the right.


I personally love how this specific one came out, so I am going to now save it and share it. Click on 'Save changes' on the bottom right to save your work on their server so you can access it at anytime.
Click on 'Grab and Share' (red circle). If you just click on 'Print' (orange circle), it will be very difficult and usually ends up printing over two separate pages!

To save it to your computer:
Where is says 'Export raster image', click on '1 MP' (purple circle) and it will save it to your computer.  It will be a .png file but that's ok, it's better than a .jpg!  (Other sizes and types are for premium only so if you want them, you need to pay!)

Open your saved file in another program (such as Word) to be able to print on a single page.

I hope you came out with some awesome word art that you can enjoy!



  1. how can i get it to not repeat my main word?

    1. Make sure that word is only listed under 'Text' once, and uncheck the 'Repeat' box to the right of it. Hope that helps!

  2. This is fantastic. Thank you so much.