Friday, November 10, 2017

Girl Scouts Float at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Second Year

Here we are again, having a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! 
This will be the same float as last year, but it's exciting we get to do it again.

There are also patches and souvenirs to buy. This time it's two patches and a cute ornament.

Every year Macy's makes a snow globe featuring a few floats from the current years parade.
This year has the Girl Scout float! You can purchase it here, and see them below:

GSUSA has posted several blog posts pertaining to the parade:

Looking for more fun things to do? Check these out:

Enjoy the parade!


Edited to add this neat video from the parade (11/23):

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Adult Position Pins

Adult Position Pins showed up in 1968 to replace older types of adult position insignia. Only 1 pin was to be worn between the WAGGGS pin and the membership pin. The exception to the rule was for adults that were also troop leaders, and then the two bars were worn side by side with the yellow (Troop Leader) bar towards the inside.

(Yes, this is my tab!)

Insignia tabs were introduced in 1977 and allowed no more than 2 pins (regardless of which 2) to be worn one above the other in the same location. This has continued to today.

(The history of the pins and their various colors can be seen at the bottom of this post.)

Are you wearing the right Adult Position Pins? In 2011, with the change in the badge program for girls, also came a change in what the colors mean for adults.

Here are the current colors and positions:

Maroon - National Operational Volunteers, National Board Committee Members
Dark Green - National Board of Directors
Deep Blue - National Board of Officers
Dark Gray - Council Presidents
Light Gray - Council Board Members, Board Committee Members
Beige - Staff
Light Blue - Service Team Volunteers, Administrative Volunteers, USAGSO Committee Chairs, Overseas Committee Members, Council Volunteers
Lime Green - Learning Facilitators (Trainers)
Red - Program Volunteers, Event and Camp Pathway Volunteers
Orange - Series and Travel Pathway Volunteers

Yellow - Troop Pathway Volunteers (Troop Leaders and Troop Volunteers)

Here's a quick history of the pins:

Gold - Honorary National President
Blue - Past Honorary President, National President, Past President, National Vice President, Chair of National Executive Committee
Green - National Board of Directors, Regional Chairman
Maroon - Regional Committee Members
Dark Gray - Council President
Light Gray - Council Vice President
Yellow - Leader and Assistant Leader

        Added in 1973:
Red - Council Volunteer Serving Troops
        Added in 1978:
Chartreuse - Trainers
        Added in 1983:
Light Blue - Other Volunteers
Beige - Staff
        Added in 1985:
Maroon - National Volunteers in Regions and on National Committees
        Added in 1993:
Navy, Green, Blue (Striped) - Board Alumni

Now with the changes, I do not know if they still have position pins for the Honorary National President or the striped one for Board Alumni.

I currently wear Lime Green as a Learning Facilitator (Trainer) and Red since I work so much with Camps.
Which colors do you get to wear?